Be Safe in Your Tub

Be Safe in Your Tub

One of the worst parts about losing your mobility is the lack of being able to safely lower yourself into the bathtub and take a long and luxurious soak. You might be able to get in, but climbing out when you’re wet and the bath surface is slippery is a recipe for disaster. Too many of us simply give up, opting instead for the safety and convenience of a shower. However, even that can be hazardous, since you must balance on one foot at a time to get over the side of the tub to take your shower. A safer alternative is to remove your existing standard tub in favor of a tub shower combo.

What Are the Benefits?

You can replace your standard bathtub with a walk-in tub without giving up any additional floor space in your already cramped bathroom. The door to the tub opens inward and the low clearance to enter makes getting in and out a breeze. You can opt for a shower if time is an issue, or use the hand-held portion of the water line in order to bathe comfortably while sitting on the heated seat. If you have time for a healing bath, the tub portion fills rapidly using anti-scald technology and soothes you within the confines of a heated tub where jets are positioned to stimulate and soothe your aching muscles. A rapid fill and rapid release of the water assures you won’t be stuck sitting in water any longer than you want to, while cleverly positioned hand rails make your entry and exit safe and easy. An anti-skid floor on the bottom of the unit lessens the possibility of losing your footing, and the installation of a walk-in tub will lessen your chances of taking a fall dramatically.

What Else to Consider

Make certain your unit is comprised of acrylic with a gel coating in order to gain years of service and reliability. The manufacturer should be an industry leader and the unit itself should have undergone rigorous testing. The manufacturer should back his work with a lifetime warranty. The dealer should be able to offer financing, and should arrange to have the unit professionally installed. The dealer should offer a warranty on the installation. These are only a few of the many reasons to consider a tub shower combo.

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