5 Reasons to Love a Walk In Bathtub

5 Reasons to Love a Walk In Bathtub

If you’re a senior who struggles with mobility issues, you might not find taking a bath to be an enjoyable activity. Bathing can not only be difficult as we get older, it can actually be dangerous. Thankfully, there are special walk in tubs that are designed with the needs of seniors in mind. If you don’t have one yourself, here are a few reasons you should install a walk in bathtub.

1. They’re Easy to Use

The primary reason for installing a walk in bathtub is because they’re so accessible. No longer will you have to navigate an enormous tub wall just to get into your tub. All you have to do is open the little door and sit down. All the surfaces are made of non-slip materials, and there are always handles within reach to make the task even easier.

2. Hydrotherapy

Bath time is more than a chance to get clean. With walk in tubs, your baths will take on added importance as a way of relaxing your muscles and joints. Outfitted with air and whirlpool jets, walk in tubs provide relief to people who struggle with circulation issues as well as sufferers of arthritis. It also just feels so good to relax in a spa at the end of a long day you’ll wonder how you ever lived without one.

3. Greater Independence

Losing our independence is one of the most frustrating things about getting older. Taking a bath, in particular, is one of those things that you’d like to do totally on your own for as long as possible. Walk in tubs give you the freedom to take a bath whenever you want without having to rely on anyone else. The fact that you can live more independently also allows you to live at home longer instead of moving to an assisted living facility.

4. Better Hygiene

When things become difficult, we tend to do them less often. If taking a bath becomes a chore that you have difficulty doing on your own, then you’re probably going to cut down on the number of baths you take. By installing a walk in bathtub not only will you be able to bathe on your own, but you’ll love your baths so much, you’ll be taking them all the time.

5. Prepare for the Future

Bathing is unlikely to get any easier for you as you age, so why not get a walk in tub now?

When you finally install your own walk in bathtub, you’ll be amazed at how it can improve your quality of life.

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