Love in One Bite: 4 Meatball Varieties From Around the World

Love in One Bite: 4 Meatball Varieties From Around the World

Meatballs may look simple, but they’re an easy crowd favorite. These bite-sized treats surely pack a punch with their savory goodness. And, they’re so versatile with the number of recipes you can do with them.

Many countries even have their own twists to these goodies. You can look for and try one of these varieties the next time you’re wondering where to buy frozen meatballs. Here are 4 examples:


Though no one knows the true origin of meatballs, several believe they came from the Middle East and Central Asia. In these regions, you’ll find a food item called kofta, which is made of minced beef, lamb, or fish. As the first ones who had it in their cuisine, the old Persians introduced this special variety to many of their colonies during the expansion of their great empire.

Today, kofta is prepared in several ways. The Moroccans simmer it along with eggs in a tomato sauceto serve mkaouara, a spicy type of stew dish. Meanwhile, the Greeks mix it with bread and spices, and then fry it to make crispy appetizers called keftedes.


As kofta was brought to other places, some countries started to create their own versions. Spain, for example, has the popular albondigas. These meatballs are made using veal or pork and often served as appetizers.

And, similar to the Persians, the Spanish took this food item with them during their historic conquest and acquainted foreigners with it. In the Philippines, it’s an essential ingredient for a special soup dish called almondigas. To prepare this, one will also need misua, which is thin rice noodles, and vegetables such as okra and onions.


The Danish have their own pan-friedfrikadeller, which is slightly flatter than usual meatballs. It’s typically made with pork and seasoned with parsley, garlic, nutmeg, and other spices. To serve this dish, one can add a green salad or potatoes and gravy on the side.


In Japan, you’ll see tsukune or chicken meatball skewerson the menu of yakitori restaurants. To prepare them, they’re seasoned with salt or sweet soy sauce called tare, and then cooked in abroiler or grill. These juicy appetizers can be eaten alone or paired with onsen tamago or slow-cooked egg.

Switch up your usual pasta or stew by choosing one of these 4 varieties and a recipe that you can use it. You can do this on your next dinner date with your partner or friends. Simply search “where to buy frozen mini meatballs” online to start preparing.

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