What Are Pole Lights and How to Use Them Efficiently?

What Are Pole Lights and How to Use Them Efficiently?

Pole light is an essential part of an Outdoor lighting system that illuminates the roads and pathways in order to guide human beings and vehicles. These lights ensure safety on the roads and pathways and considerably minimize the accidents and unfortunate situations around that area.

The commercial lighting manufacturers believed and engineered this lighting systems in way that it should support multiple LED lights for optimal illumination of the area. This LED pole light is used not only to illuminate the roads and pathways but also for the beautification of public and private properties. 

Before selecting the right pole lights

Following are the important points to be considered before selecting the right pole lights.

  • Pole Height – Pole heights are available in variable sizes, but concerned authorities are always directed to survey the locality to determine the appropriate height of the pole for that particular areas.

This Surveys help in the development of an efficient street lighting plan and also additional information about the number of luminaries required for each pole. Some of the Leading LED manufacturing companies offer a wide range of street light poles with mounting heights between 5 and 12 meters. You can choose the best size LED bulbs depending on your requirements. 

  • Type of Mount – Just like poles, mount is also a part of pole lights where the bulbs are installed. Direct mount, adjustable mount, slip fitter mount and universal mount are some of types of pole light mounts that are often used in various kinds of applications.
  • Wind Speed – Pole lights are usually installed outdoors, which needs to withstand the natural occurrences such as harsh sunlight, heavy winds and rains, storms etc. It is really vital to consult the local authorities and collect the relevant data. This data will help in the installation of the correct size of the poles and the right way of mounting the lights.
  • Environment – Environment plays a vital role in selecting the right material for the poles etc. For example, in Coastal areas, the poles are prone to Salt Water corrosion. Thus, it is very important to use only top quality pole lights. Concerned authorities can also take preventive measures by applying the special anti-corrosive coatings. 
  • Economic benefits and durability – Mostly, the outdoor lights are used for more than 12 to 13 hours a day. This is why you need to select a light that is luminous, but does not consume too much energy. The efficiency of light should be high and also the lights should be durable and long lasting.

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