Tunecore vs MusicDigi – The Two Best Distribution Services for Musicians

Tunecore vs MusicDigi – The Two Best Distribution Services for Musicians

Once upon a time, record labels controlled the whole music landscape. They did the legwork to secure deals with major distribution music companies that delivered albums to the stores. In this digital age, artists have got an opportunity to control the ownership of their songs. Until now labels have helped artists to build their career but in 2020, music can be sold to major platforms like Amazon Music, iTunes, Spotify, Apple Music, Shazam, Pandora, etc. with ease.

Digital music distribution services can help your song gain wide exposure and you can build yourself as an independent artist. As everything is digital, distributing music isn’t expensive. The modern-day distributors offer a platform, where you can upload your music to major stores like Spotify, iTunes, Tidal, Apple Music, etc.

MusicDigi and TuneCore are two popular platforms that can help artists sell music online. Both platforms differ in several ways but are keen to offer their services to any kind of artist.

Pros of MusicDigi over TuneCore

Low subscription fee

MusicDigi charges $39.99 annually to upload a countless number of songs or albums. Alternatively, TuneCore pricing is $29.99 per album in the first year and later increases to $49.99 annually. As the cost is charged per album, your spending can balloon quickly for an entire catalog.

Low charges for selling ringtones

On MusicDigi, you can sell ringtones at $4.95, a one-time fee. Conversely, TuneCore charges $19.99 annually for ringtone sales.

Allows editing

Mistakes can occur when you release a song but MusicDigi allows fixing it. After your song goes live, you can edit them with ease without any extra cost. TuneCore does not offer free editing of a released album. You need to pay for fixing any errors after the release.

Spotify windowing

MusicDigi is the only distributor that offers the ‘Spotify Windowing’ feature for free. It is a special feature where you can get your music on Spotify 2-weeks before the official release date as an exclusive for Spotify’s premium members. You cannot get this special release feature on TuneCore.

Other distinctive features

Besides music distribution, MusicDigi offers artists opportunities to earn revenue from music uploaded on YouTube. Established artists can upload music to iTunes and easily sell their albums.

MusicDigi does not charge for using your label name, UPCs, ISRCs, or removing your music like other distributors. Artists can gain other features like playlist pitching, marketing support, royalty tracking app, and other tools.

Cons of MusicDigi over TuneCore

MusicDigi is a commission-based service and charges 9% from your royalties but TuneCore is a fee-based service where you can keep 100% profits made from streams or sales.

Which is better?

MusicDigi is unlimited, while TuneCore is per-song or album

If you desire to upload 4 albums –

  • TuneCore charges you $119.96 for the first year and $199.96 forever.
  • MusicDigi will charge only $39.99 every year.

MusicDigi is a better deal for uploading multiple singles because members can upload unlimited music without any concerns about paying more. You can say MusicDigi is the BEST music aggregator offering great customer support.

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