Unusual Paint Colors That May Be Right for Your Home

Unusual Paint Colors That May Be Right for Your Home

When you think about painting your house, your mind may go straight to common or trendy colors, like white and light gray. You may even consider trendy accent colors like red for your front door and shutters. But if you want your home to look more unique and stylish than ever, consider working with exterior painters in Woodstock to give your home a more original paint job. Here are some unusual paint color choices that could be great for your home.

Desert Pink

A shade of pink softened and made modern with a touch of gray-brown, desert pink paint is a fascinating color. It’s a great contrast to earthy materials like gray roof tiles, stone pathways, a natural wood porch or deck, and dark window shutters. In the right context, desert pink won’t look feminine. Instead, it will project a warm and bright personality that’s sure to make your house stand out.


A bold, standout, masculine color, blue-gray is certainly in style. And while it may seem too saturated for your house, if you choose the right shade of blue-gray and select beautiful accent colors, your home will have a unique and unforgettable facade. Brighten it up with light gray, almost-white accents, or go darker with black accent features. This color can modernize an old and outdated style of home and can make plain, large walls without texture look more elegant.


Beige is technically the opposite of an unusual color. “Beige” is often synonymous with dull, boring, or missable things. But this is exactly why beige may be an odd color choice for your home. Why would you choose to paint your home exterior such a dull color? Because in the right context, beige may be the perfect shade of light, soft brown. If you want to make architectural accents like your front door, garage door, or window shutters pop, paint them a bright and bold color like rusty red or bright blue. Then, use beige exterior paint for a soft backdrop without committing for a true neutral like white.


Often considered too heavy and dark for homes, black is used sparingly as an accent color on features like window frames and pillars. But sometimes, reversing the usual style can have fascinating results. Paint your home exterior black for impact and a look of assured sophistication. Black is risky, so leave this project in the hands of professional painters to make sure you get the right finish. A touch of gloss will make sure your dark walls catch sunlight well.

If you want to paint your house to look unique and elegant, call exterior painters near you. The best exterior painters in Woodstock can give your home a refreshing look with a coat of fascinating color.

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