Role Of Google Ads In Improving SEO Of A Business

Role Of Google Ads In Improving SEO Of A Business

Both SEO and Google Advertisements are two wonderful techniques that have the potential to list your brand on the top ranks on the search engine results page. SEO works to get your website high in the organic rankings to rank for customers’ queries.

Ads, on the other hand, allow a business to target specific keyword phrases and form an ad that advertises the website and content for those keywords. Both these methods aim to take your business in front of its prospective customers. This leads to increased awareness and overall visibility.

Let’s look more at the impact of these techniques in digital marketing.

How does SEO impact online business marketing?

Affordable SEO services aim at making the website appealing to customers. It also helps to formulate content that helps address the needs of users and engages them. In addition to writing good quality content and making impactful infographics and videos, optimization of website design and layout is also important.

Implementation of SEO aims at making a user-friendly, website that is simple to navigate and move users across the website logically. Search retargeting can help in sharing business data that can prove to be valuable for any online business.

Clubbish is a leading Facebook Ads Management company that takes a scientific view of marketing spending vs conversions data. Their effective services help in building a long-term engagement platform between the brand and the customers.

How important are Google Ads in business marketing?

Google Ads were formerly called Google AdWords. It provides loads of user data for small businesses there can be valuable for the marketing of the business. It is a type of online display advertising wherein a business has to pay every time a person clicks on its advertisement.

This ad is only shown to those users who enter specific keywords on the search engines. This enables them to target users that are keen on specific content. In this way, Google ads management is a useful strategy that helps businesses obtains the much-needed visibility for prime keywords.

How to use Google Ads in a business?

SEO and Google Ads are the two leading marketing methods that are equally important for the marketing of the business. Both of these methods have a unique yet complementary role to play in the marketing of the business.

A business can use Google Ads for testing the response of consumers towards specific keywords.  Looking at the click rate or conversion value of an Ad can help you obtain the most valuable traffic. Those keywords that send the highest click value and high-quality scores may be worth exploring. This is because such keywords can drive large numbers of conversions and visitors to a website.

A business should use Google Ads to see estimated click rate, cost metrics, and impressions for a specific keyword. With this data, you will get an idea about the level of competition and relative volume. The “contextual targeting tool” will be beneficial to obtain ideas for keyword groups needed to create display campaigns.


If a business wants to create a powerful and lasting online presence, then it will require brands to use SEO and Google ads together to create an impactful strategy. The combination of both of these technologies will help maximize the online capabilities of the brand.


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