Brief Information About DNA Match

Brief Information About DNA Match

DNA matching proves to be of great help to search for more new relatives and to know about some common ancestors. The other alternative name of DNA match is autosomal DNA match. It refers to two or more persons sharing the same ancestor. They possess a genetic sequence on twenty two numbered chromosome that provides the link of their being far or immediate relatives.

Usually, a person has two copies of chromosomes. One belongs to paternal and the other belongs to maternal, hence means fifty percent of chromosomes present in the body is maternal and other half is paternal. These chromosomes help greatly to do legal paternity testing. Some chromosomes are passed from generation to generation and they are known as DNA segments.

On the basis of data segments, people search their biologically related persons to fulfill their quest for knowing their extended family. Many reliable popular DNA testing labs are there such as PaternityUSA legal paternity test providers. They give accurate results and helping their clients to look for their DNA match.  It is quite beneficial to do your DNA testing in such forms as their list of DNA matches is endless. It helps to seek more DNA matches with ease.

More about DNA match:

  • Percentage of sharing DNA –
    • You share 50% of your DNA with your parents and children, 25% with your grandchildren and grandparents and only 12.5% with the rest of your immediate family members. Approximately 3% can be shared with other genecology related persons. Hence, when doing legal DNA test the genealogists help you identify whether they are closely related to you or distant relatives.
  • Ways to know your DNA matches-
    • The companies provide you a match card. You can start your search by closely watching the family tree information shared by other DNA match. The match card will have their surnames and some basic information about their ancestors.

You can take the help of experts of the DNA match company to know more in detail about the proportion of DNA matching with the other likely to be related person of yours. It even helps for court admissible DNA test when there is disputed ancestral property claims filed in the court.

  • The DNA company’s software proves to be of great help to know likable DNA segments-
    • They do this by adding the number of matching segments and the number of centimorgans to identify the relationship between the two individuals. You can do more genealogical testing to know the exact relationship.
    • New samples of DNA add to the match list and your search goes on. That is the reason many interested persons make sure to view their DNA match card every few days.
    • It is always beneficial to list your DNA match in well known trustable DNA matching sites. Most of the people listed at the top of your DNA match list are surely related to you through a common ancestor. The longer DNA segment you share with some person means the ancestor of yours is someone closer.

DNA segments work a great way in doing paternity test for court. In the absence of parents, the court accepts this kind of DNA match to identify your paternal or maternal family members. In short, the DNA match proves to be of great help to stay tuned with many of your family members whose identities were lost in your family tree.

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