Top 8 Music Sites You Can Listen To Music From Anywhere

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Which of the top-unblocked music websites can you access music? Numerous institutions and organizations like junior schools, colleges, offices and other offices have restricted access to particular music websites for students and employees.

These restrictions may be restrictive, but you can still listen and download your favorite music on unblocked sites. They will allow you access to your favorite and free music.

Here is a list eight unblocked music streaming services that will allow you to stream the latest music for free.

Why Are Unblocked Websites Important?

According to top music research, experts’ music is medicine for a substantial number of people. Music helps you focus and reduce stress.

Such people love music and would listen to it whenever they could. Although they are limited by certain restrictions, the internet allowed them to enjoy music again. There are many unblocked sites where they can restore their joy. They include:

Groove shark, one of the best unblocked music platforms, is an amazing platform. The site provides unlimited and also free access tracks, personalized music albums, and playlists.

The website works best in schools or workplaces. However, the website can be accessed only by creating a Grooves shark account.

LiveXLive will be the next site in the list. It’s sponsored by slacker (formerly known as Slacker Radio).

The site is a well-known, unblocked music website. There are over two hundred channels available to you. This site offers unlimited access to music for free.

It’s easy to find the latest songs online or download them, as the name implies.

Song Area website has a unique feature that makes it appealing. When you search for a song on the search bar, all songs will be displayed alphabetically. This makes finding your playlist much easier. The website is one the oldest unblocked music sites.

  • Soundza bound

It is a site with unique features that can be used for educational purposes. Soundza bound is a site that’s ideal for students. They can use the site for learning, without having to give up entertainment.

The website offers the best music streaming and will be used by many students. Also, artists will learn how control their content online as well as how to manage it.

The website is very popular and entertaining because it offers free music as well as many radio stations channels.

AccuRadio has no subscription requirements and is also free to access. Perhaps most importantly, AccuRadio manages all streaming activities that are accessible from any location. For you to use the services, you do not need an account.

  • Jamendo

Jamendo is just next to this errand. It allows you to access and save free music at your school and work.

It is just like any other unblocked website for music, with many music tracks and music songs. You will find a great selection of new and popular songs on the site. I would encourage you all to visit the site.

  • Bluebeat

Bluebeat, another awesome site, is also a great one. You can access it online or download your music free of charge.

It’s amazing to see the entire site loaded with 3D songs. So you can listen to any track you want and still be entertained at home, work, or school.

  • Playlistsound

Playlistsound is the last on the list and is well-known because it streams the latest music live.

You can search by artist, title or band name to find your favorite song. However, you will get the same results. To access the unblocked songs on this site, however you need to create a user account.


The following are unblocked music websites that allow you to stream and receive the music you desire, without having to pay any fees or subscribe, regardless of where you live, work or school. I challenge all of you to visit the website of your choosing using your smartphone, your laptop or your computer.