Why You Should Hire An Animal Attack Lawyer?

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An animal attacking any type of is a terrible experience for the victim. They are not only in extreme pain but also have mounting medical bills. They are also likely to lose their job. They will have the best chance to get the money they deserve by hiring a skilled and experienced attorney. A lawyer can help you if you or someone you love has been injured in an animal attack due to the owner’s negligence. These are five reasons you should immediately hire an attorney if you’re still unsure whether you should seek legal assistance.

1. To Ensure Their Knowledge Of Animal Attack Laws

Colorado law is well-known to animal attack lawyers. They can distinguish between animal attacks and other types of personal injuries, such as car accidents and slip-and-falls. The victim of an injury will need to prove that another party’s negligence caused the accident in most cases. Animal attacks are exempt from this requirement.

An animal attack victim may hold their owner responsible if they were acting peacefully, were lawfully present at the scene of the attack, and didn’t provoke the animal. These stipulations will be valid even if the owner was not aware that the animal would attack.

An experienced attorney will know that there are only 2 defenses an animal owner can use in an animal attack case. These include trespassing or provocation. The victim could be held responsible for any injuries suffered if they were unlawfully on another person’s property at the time of the attack. The attorney will gather evidence to prove that the victim is not at fault.

2. They Can Negotiate With You

Your lawyer will help you to recover your damages. Serious injuries can be caused by animal attacks. In some cases, this can cause permanent disability. The insurance company that covers you won’t pay fair compensation for any injuries you have sustained, no matter how severe. The company will do whatever it can to deny your compensation or pay as little as possible.

Strong legal representation is crucial. Your claim’s value can be determined by an experienced dog attack lawyer. This includes both tangible and intangible economic damages such as doctor’s visits, hospital stays, or future medical expenses. But also intangible, noneconomic damages. These include emotional trauma, pain and suffering, and other.

With this information, your attorney will work closely with the insurance company to negotiate a fair settlement for you. Insurance companies are known for offering lowball settlement amounts that don’t cover the damages of an injured victim. Your lawyer will try to convince the insurance company that you will get a fair offer. If the insurer does not accept your offer, they will lose much more if you take the matter to court.

3. Their Value Of Experience

You already know that hard evidence is crucial to your case’s success. An attorney who understands how to gather the evidence you require is essential. These are just some examples of evidence that can be used in an animal attack case.

Photos and videos. Your case will succeed if you have photos of the bite marks and a video of the animal who attacked you. You may also need other evidence. For example, a gap in a fence could be where the animal got away. If you can take a picture of the hole, it could prove the owner’s negligence. It might also be helpful to get a video of your animal so that you can show aggression.

Experiments of aggression in the past. An attorney can also look for evidence that the animal has been aggressive toward others in the past. This could include obtaining video footage of the dog barking at passers-by, or any other evidence that the animal was acting unpredictably.

4. They Have Access To Resources

Additionally, skilled attorneys have access to experts who can testify for you if your case goes to court. A behaviorist for animals, for instance, could prove to the court that the animal who attacked you was dangerous. Therefore, an animal behaviorist could show the court that the owner knew of the possibility of an attack.