Different Flavors Of TEREA To Use With Your IQOS ILUMA

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Rather than getting rid of the heating blade, which was difficult to maintain, one of the innovative features of the “IQOS ILUMA” is that a metal piece was inserted within the one-of-a-kind cigarette stick. This was done to achieve a maintenance-free state while still maintaining the central heating type. The TEREA Stick is the most recent addition to the brand’s lineup of premium tobacco sticks.

In addition, the tobacco leaves are kept in place with the help of a cover located at the very tip of the TEREA Stick. This helps to prevent the creation of dregs, which is another factor that contributes to the spread of unpleasant odors.

A brand known as “TEREA” was established specifically for the IQOS ILUMA product since neither IQOS nor cigarettes had a brand that was comparable at the time.

The fundamental flavor, on the other hand, appears to be comparable to that of Marlboro Heat sticks; hence, switching to TEREA Stick, which has the same box color and name, is a natural deviation from the conventional design.

IQOS ILUMA now has sticks that are more aromatic and delicious, and the product’s use has become less complicated and more enjoyable. In this discussion, we will cover some of the flavors.

TEREA Turquoise

It has been described as having the main flavor of fresh menthol, with undertones of spices and very light tobacco smoke. According to reviews, it is virtually identical to menthol cigarettes in every respect.

They are of medium strength, or maybe even a little below normal. The flavor is characteristic of the underappreciated Turquoise Label.

Mauve Wav

According to the product description and customer evaluations, these little cigarettes have a refreshing menthol flavor with overtones of wild berries.

The sticks have a powerful odor, but rather than being artificial, it has a more natural flavor to them. We are confident in saying that they will achieve the same level of notoriety as Purple Wave.


Burgundy TEREA sticks are often called “red” or “red-brown” sticks. The flavor is dominated by notes of toasted tobacco and malt.


TEREA dark brown color with a bronze shines brown bronze. The name of the sticks does not require any sort of translation as it is self-explanatory. They have flavor that is similar to tobacco, but not as strong, with undertones of chocolate and dried fruits.

We found pipe tobacco that had a flavor profile quite similar to that of the cigar, and it immediately became one of our favorites. It is significantly more potent than average. These brand-new Bronze Labels are quickly becoming some of our favorites.


The flavor of roasted tobacco is mingled with notes of tea and woody tones. Smokers assert that it is quite similar to the experience of smoking cigarettes. They produce a satisfying smoke from just one piece and are quite potent.


TEREA sticks are packaged in brown containers with the term “teak tree” printed on them. This is a typical tobacco mix that has creamy and nutty undertones, according to the description.

It has a strength that is somewhat more than typical and a strong level of scent. Teak Selection is where we first became acquainted with the nutty flavor of this product.


The scent, while its tremendous potency, is neither harsh nor chemical. For a fortress, this would be considered medium or somewhat higher. Absolutely nothing distinguishes its flavor from that of HEETS Amber.


These little cigarettes have the same flavor as the Yellow Selection brand, and while the flavor is subtle, they have a strong aroma.