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3 Tips for Buying a Refurbished Laptop

Are you trying to find the best place to buy a refurbished HP laptop? There are various models that you can choose from. Here are a few tips you can follow to find one that’s the best value for your money.

Check All Moving Parts

When you look at a particular unit, carefully inspect all the moving parts to see if they’re still functional.  Usually, with old laptops, these are the first things that break. Constant usage and exposure to friction will eventually wear these components down and weaken them. Sometimes, the devices can also be kept in less than ideal conditions, which can contribute to the corrosion of any metal pieces, such as springs, that are essential for some features to work.

Check all the buttons on the computer; this includes all the characters and commands on the keyboard. For this, you may have to turn on the unit to see if the input works. The same goes for any switches. You should also look at the hinges of the laptop to guarantee that it can open and close smoothly. If it has a CD drive, make sure it slides in and out of the main body without hitching. And, you should also test if it’s functional by inserting a CD.

Test Every Port

Laptops often have different ports that allow them to connect to various networks and devices. Like some moving parts, these utilize metal components, which can often rust and corrode with frequent exposure to excess moisture. When this happens, they lose their ability to properly establish a link. There are also other factors that can cause the same issue, such as loose wires in the dock.

So, make it a point to thoroughly test every port to ensure that they’re working. Find out what kind of jacks or cables they hook up to and use these to check if they’re functional. The laptop should detect the devices or networks if the docks are operational.

Buy a Unit That Has a Warranty

Most refurbishers often do a great job at restoring units. Many of these laptops even cancompete with brand-new devices. But, as with all computer manufacturers, there’s always a small chance that the equipment they’ll provide is dysfunctional.

Aswhen buying a brand-new device, you should only purchase a secondhand laptop if it comes with a warranty. Most reliable refurbishers provide them with their products. The coverage length can range anywhere from 30 days to a year. Make sure you check what’s included in the policy, as some may only compensate you for service fees and not actual replacement parts.

These are just some tips you can follow when buying the best refurbished HP laptops. Remember them so you can have an easier time finding great quality units.

5 Features to Look for in an Email Hosting Service

While social media platforms are commonly used for communication in the digital realm, email remains a top medium for businesses to connect and engage with their clients. Through it, they can manage their customers’ transactions as well as their feedback and concerns. The application also allows them to send offers and ads for their marketing campaigns.

Getting an email hosting service can place you at a great advantage. By using a private server and personalized domain, you have better control over the transactions and boost your business credibility and branding.

When you check out your options, see if they have the right features to select the best service. It should have the following:


This service allows you to ditch the physical fax equipment. You can use your copier to scan documents and send them to existing fax numbers. You can also receive them via email. A fax-to-email reseller will give you multiple numbers for your business and port in your existing numbers.

Security Tools

The contents on your server should be kept confidential at all times, so the hosting service should offer top-notch security tools for maximum protection. Get one that has anti-malware and spam filters to prevent hacking and data breaches. Also, check if it’s certified by third-party quality control organizations to ensure compliance with legal and industry regulations.

User-Friendly Interface

One reason for getting a hosting service is to gain access to advanced features. You shouldn’t have problems performing administrative tasks with the server you’re provided with. Navigating it should be easy, and if you experience technical glitches, a helpdesk must be readily available.

Storage and Archiving Functions

Today, emails are popularly used for collaboration within an organization. Through them, team members update one another with their tasks or progress on a particular project. It’s good to have a server that has a large capacity for storage. It allows users to send files of different types and sizes.

Having archiving functions is ideal, too. They let you move old files into a secure place to back them up and keep the interface clutter-free.

Scalable Design

You want a server that’s accessible on various devices, whether you’re using a phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop. This allows you to review an important message promptly or notify your team right away of an unplanned meeting later.

Check if the hosting service provides a scalable interface, and see if its crucial functions are available across various platforms. This way, you don’t have to switch to another device if you simply wish to upload a file or organize your folders.

These 5 features should be part of your checklist when you’re looking for providers. If they’re all crossed off, you’ve found a reliable white-label email hosting service.

Top Ice Cream Cake Flavors

Hot summers call for a refreshing dessert that will delight your taste buds. Ice cream cakes are a favorite, no matter what time of the year. Crumbly cake or cookie bits with luscious ice cream layered over the top makes an ice cream cake truly special. Keep reading as we talk about some popular ice cream flavors and what makes them taste so unique. To know more about Carvel ice cream cake prices, head to your local grocery store. Carvel ice cream coupons are a great option if you’re looking to save money on these delightful desserts.

Peanut Butter Ice Cream Cake

We’ve grown up eating peanut butter candy, and what better way to reminisce these beautiful memories than by indulging in a piece of peanut butter ice cream cake. Combining a rich chocolate cake with decadent chocolate ice cream, you’ll find a delicious surprise in the form of chunks of peanut butter cups. This ice cream cake is topped off with a mix of peanut butter, whipped icing, and chocolate drizzle. It’s a treat for fans who love both peanut butter as well as chocolate.

Oreo Ice Cream Cake

Oreo cookies are an all-time hit with adults and kids alike. Combining these crunchy chocolate-flavored cookies with creamy vanilla ice cream results in an ice cream cake that’s truly delicious. The Oreo cookie bits impart texture and flavor to this ice cream, making it a fantastic dessert. Serve it with warm fudge or whipped cream and you’ll have a stellar dessert that everyone in the crowd will love.

Red Velvet Ice Cream Cake

Red velvet is a luxurious cake that not only looks inviting but is lip-smacking as well. Layer it with creamy vanilla or white chocolate ice cream and you have an eye-catching dessert. Serve it with fresh fruits such as blueberries or strawberries for the perfect treat to round off a sumptuous meal.

Cookies and Cream Ice Cream Cake

Perfect for the celebratory moments of life, the cookies and cream ice cream cake is a fascinating combination of creamy vanilla ice cream on a fudge-filled cookie crust. There are chocolate drizzle and chocolate cookie pieces on the top for an extra touch.

Ice cream cakes are the perfect way to celebrate the best moments of life. Be it a birthday party, a brunch gathering, or an anniversary, ice cream cakes are right for any event. To know Carvel ice cream cake prices, visit your local grocery store.

What Is The Impact Of Website Security On The SEO Rankings

Besides the selection of the right keywords, high-quality and unique content, intuitive navigation, security is also one of the most important aspects of a good website. It is a significant feature that is responsible to increase the website rankings on the search engine results page.

In this article, we will know about the effect of website security on SEO rankings.

Why is security so important for a business website?

Security is one of the important features to rank a website on the search engine results page. Google prioritizes a website that is protected and secured by the Https protocol. It is not interested in sending an online audience to an unsecured site.

Also, it has been announced that the websites that are still using Http protocol and have not migrated to Https protocol, will be banned soon.  To prevent your website from disqualified, it is important to make necessary arrangements to make your website secure and protected.

As Google rankings are vital to determine the level of traffic that your website gets, making your website truly SEO compliant implies making it well-protected as well. Aiad is a popular and trusted SEO Sydney that provides superior-quality and affordable SEO services to its clients. Their services are tailored to meet the specific needs of the business to provide them high conversion rate.

How Your Site Can Be Hacked Via SEO Due To Poor Security Measures?

Websites that do not have proper security measures are an easy target for hackers. They use SEO as a way to hack those websites. This is done by adding links to the website that has malicious content in them.

So, when users click on those links, their security gets compromised. The result is a lower rank on Google or even getting eliminated from the search engine results page for the protection of users.

The users that click on malicious links are targeted to scam websites and asks them for personal information.

Another way how hackers can target less secure websites via SEO is by the way of backlinks. Do not accept backlinks if it comes from the malicious source as it can lead to a Google penalty and damage your SEO efforts. Hackers send excessive backlinks to your website from mistrustful sources to weaken your SEO and make it less reliable in the eyes of Google.

Ways to protect your website from Hackers

Luckily, there are ways by which you can secure your website and create a protective shield to prevent it from getting hacked. Here are some of the ways by which you can do it.

  • Locate a Secure Web Host to get protection against malware and a backup for the data.
  • Use strong passwords to avoid hackers from guessing it. Make it complex and difficult to predict.
  • Make a backup of the website so that if it gets hacked, then you can restore it from the backup. Also, change your login information to prevent it from getting hacked again. It will help in reducing SEO damage.


Website security is one of the most overlooked features when implementing SEO for your business. Now that you have known about its significance on your overall SEO rankings, make sure you implement the best security features and improve SEO rankings of your website.

Guide to Be Responsible After Graduating from Driving School

Graduating from a driving school can be exciting. Make sure that you don’t lose your focus in excitement. Be prepared to apply all that you learned in driving school in real life. Make sure that you keep your foot grounded on brakes. With great certification, come greater responsibilities to maintain on road. Here are some of the tips to be a responsible driver post driving school.

Tips to Be Responsible While Driving

  • Stay off the Phone

Mobile phones contribute up to 80% of road accidents every year. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter feeds are some of the sources of distraction that do not belong in your car especially when you are driving. Even if someone is calling you, resist the urge to answer it while driving. Take a stop and then pick it up if it’s urgent. Accidents can happen in seconds if you are not paying enough attention.

To avoid any distraction, put you phone in a glovebox or someplace else where you can’t reach unless and until you reach where you needed to.  At Pass First Go, you can choose from a wide variety of trainers depending on their traits, review and qualification. To book driving lessons Sandringham, check out their website and get exciting offers.

  • No Drinking and Driving

Regardless of your age, the blood alcohol consumption (BAC) for all drivers should be 0.00. That means, you should not drive even if you have consumed very less amount of alcohol. It’s not only to ensure your safety but everyone who is sitting beside and behind you. You need to obey the law once you have received a valid driving license. You should adhere to specific laws if you don’t want to get a traffic ticket.

  • Get Insured

When you were in driving school, you were most probably using your parent’s car. Now that you have graduated, you can drive your own car. To be responsible, you need to get your car insured. It’s good to ask around and look for the best insurance deal. If you are still using your parent’s car, make sure that you contribute something in monthly insurance premium payments.

  • Be Aware of Surroundings

Now that you are on road, check your side and back mirrors frequently. Keep your eyes everywhere. If you see someone driving aggressively, slow down to avoid any accidents. If you are still a beginner, try to get off the runaway by taking next exit if possible. Keep your eyes on pedestrians, bicyclists, or pets along the road.

  • Be Aware of Passenger Restrictions

During driving school, your parents kept you grounded. Now that you have your license, excitement can take over and you might not be paying attention to road. There are some passenger restrictions that you need to be aware of. For instance, between the hours of 11pm and 5am, P1 license holders can have only one passenger who is not an immediate family member.


Make sure you wear your safety hat before jumping in your car. Drive responsibly and remember road guidelines.

What You Need to Know About Vehicle Service Contracts

If you own an automobile, a vehicle service contract will help you deal with unexpected and costly repairs. But, before you signwith vehicle service contract providers, here are some things you need to know about it.

What Is a Vehicle Service Contract?

It’s an agreement where a company provides or pays forserviceswhen a contract holder’s vehicle experiences a breakdown or failure. It covers mechanic-related labor, like engine diagnoses and repairs. Parts replacement and itsaccompanying costs are often included as well.

While the process varies depending on the company, it usually goes like this:

  1. Your car breaks down.
  2. You contact your provider’s claims center and report what happened.
  3. They’ll provide a list of facilities they’re partnered with.
  4. You take your car to a repair facility of your choice from their list.
  5. An Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) certified mechanic will work on your car.
  6. Your provider will ensure your vehicle is repaired and will pay the service center that completed the job.

Keep in mind that only the labor costs and vehicle components included in the terms are covered. If the service is beyond what is mentioned in the contract, you’ll either get a deductible or have to pay a fee.

Its Difference with Warranties

Most people think service contracts and warranties are the same, but there are clear distinctions between the two. Here are the qualities of the former:

They’re not warranties.While these contracts are often called “extended warranties,” the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) states that they’re not required when purchasing a new car. They have a separate price, and they’re arranged at a later time, even if your dealer says otherwise.

They start when the warranties end.The benefits ofa service contract begin after the initial written guarantee expires. It can be either once the 3-year coverage ends or after the vehicle has reached 36,000 miles. This prevents the terms from overlapping.

They can be transferred to another car.Unlike warranties, which are exclusively for the indicated vehicle, service contracts are transferrable. This works even if your car is leased, a rental, or if you’re planning to sell it in the future.

An extended vehicle service contractcan help with unexpected repairs or replacement by taking care ofthe parts and professional labor. While it may seem similar to warranties, they have differences according to federal law. If you’re interested in learning more, you can talk to vehicle service contract administrators.

3 Different Kinds of In-Ground Pools

The average homeowner may think that choosing the right kind of pool only involves deciding whether you want an above-ground or in-ground pool. However, there are multiple types of in-ground pools that create a diversity of options designed to meet the function, aesthetic, and budgetary concerns of almost every homeowner.

Before contacting an Atlanta pool builder to help you create your own personal backyard oasis, it’s important that you understand the full ramifications of your choice. Some pools offer upgraded style and long-term durability, but those advantages come at a price. Keep reading to learn about the three most common types of in-ground pools that can be installed by swimming pool builders in Atlanta.

Finished Concrete

Concrete pools offer many advantages associated with their durability. To create a finished concrete pool, builders use steel-reinforced concrete to create the pool shell in the ground. Once the shell is completed, the rough, raspy concrete is covered with a finish such as aggregate or plaster to provide a surface that is must less abrasive and gentler on the skin. The finish also makes the shell watertight, which is critical to preventing water from leaking through the porous concrete. The primary benefit of a concrete pool is that it has tremendous resiliency and an extended lifespan since the plaster or aggregate finish can be reapplied throughout the life of the pool. There are different types of concrete pools that go by the name Gunite or Shotcrete, but they all create a pool that is durable and aesthetically pleasing. Other finishes can be applied in focus areas as well. For example, if the pool has a built-in hot tub, that area can receive a stone or quartz-like finish to enhance the appearance.

Fiberglass Pools

Fiberglass pools aren’t built on-site like other types of pools. Instead, they are created at a manufacturing plant and are transported to your home on a large truck. The entire pool shell arrives at your home in one piece, and an excavator digs the hole that will serve as the basin for the pool shell. Fiberglass pools are usually ready-made, which means they don’t offer the level of customization available with concrete pools. Fiberglass pools are the fastest to build because they are essentially drop-in modules that come with pre-molded steps, benches, and other features. They are low maintenance because algae and other growth won’t stick to the slick sides. However, fiberglass pools are prone to deterioration when exposed to UV light, and that limits the lifespan to about 15 years.

Vinyl Pools

Vinyl pools consist of metal or wooden frames that are either constructed above ground or built directly into the excavated whole. The frames are combined with plastic or metal and are then covered with sheets of vinyl to make the enclosure watertight. The pool shell rests on a bed of sand and coping keeps the shell in place on the top. Vinyl deteriorates with age and exposure to UV light, and like fiberglass pools has a lifespan of roughly 15 years before the vinyl must be replaced.

Before hiring swimming pool builders in Atlanta to begin constructing your backyard paradise, make sure that you understand the relative strengths and weaknesses of the three most common types of pools. While each has positive attributes, you must decide best matches your durability standards, aesthetic expectations, and budgetary requirements.

Tips on Instituting a Criminal Background Check at Your Company

Every large company has some form of criminal record background check system for new hires. Many smaller businesses, however, either do not have one or have only partially implemented one. If you fall into either of the latter categories, here is some implementation advice.

Understand Why You Are Doing It

If the only reason you are implementing a criminal background check system is that other businesses are doing it, rethink your plans. You want to have the reasoning why you are implementing the program clear in your own mind or you will never be able to explain why adequately to your employees.

Understanding why and being able to explain it, though, is important. If you do not, it will raise questions in some employees’ minds. If you implement it company-wide, it can lead to a sense by employees that they are not trusted.

Understanding fully why you think this type of a program is a good idea is key to being able to get buy-in from your employees.

Define What It Entails

Part of understanding the “why” is only accomplished by defining it clearly. That means you need to take the time and outline the need, proposed solutions, possible obstacles or challenges, accepted solution and policy Development.

The Need: Clearly state why you feel this policy is needed and how it will help your company produce better products and achieve better customer service.

Proposed Solutions: Regardless of what you choose, you must define every aspect of any solution, including training form implementation employees.

Obstacles and Challenges: These are impediments to the successful implementation of the policy. For example, if you are implementing a companywide criminal background check and a particularly good employee has a criminal record, how will you handle that situation?

Accepted Solution: Select the option that best serves your company.

Policy Development: These are the tactics that help run the program selected. They include, but are not limited to screening requirements, vendor, results consequences, privacy procedures, appeals, etc.

Legal Review

Your final policy should go through a legal review to ensure it is not violating any civil, employment or privacy rights.


The degree to which this is publicized withing the company is solely up to the owner and management team. The goal is to make everyone that needs to know about the policy aware of it. A complete explanation is needed if you are implanting it company-wide or company-wide for selected positions.

It was probably always needed but having a criminal record background check system in place at least for new hires is a necessity today. By following the tips above, you can make sure your policy rolls out with no hitches.

Unusual Paint Colors That May Be Right for Your Home

When you think about painting your house, your mind may go straight to common or trendy colors, like white and light gray. You may even consider trendy accent colors like red for your front door and shutters. But if you want your home to look more unique and stylish than ever, consider working with exterior painters in Woodstock to give your home a more original paint job. Here are some unusual paint color choices that could be great for your home.

Desert Pink

A shade of pink softened and made modern with a touch of gray-brown, desert pink paint is a fascinating color. It’s a great contrast to earthy materials like gray roof tiles, stone pathways, a natural wood porch or deck, and dark window shutters. In the right context, desert pink won’t look feminine. Instead, it will project a warm and bright personality that’s sure to make your house stand out.


A bold, standout, masculine color, blue-gray is certainly in style. And while it may seem too saturated for your house, if you choose the right shade of blue-gray and select beautiful accent colors, your home will have a unique and unforgettable facade. Brighten it up with light gray, almost-white accents, or go darker with black accent features. This color can modernize an old and outdated style of home and can make plain, large walls without texture look more elegant.


Beige is technically the opposite of an unusual color. “Beige” is often synonymous with dull, boring, or missable things. But this is exactly why beige may be an odd color choice for your home. Why would you choose to paint your home exterior such a dull color? Because in the right context, beige may be the perfect shade of light, soft brown. If you want to make architectural accents like your front door, garage door, or window shutters pop, paint them a bright and bold color like rusty red or bright blue. Then, use beige exterior paint for a soft backdrop without committing for a true neutral like white.


Often considered too heavy and dark for homes, black is used sparingly as an accent color on features like window frames and pillars. But sometimes, reversing the usual style can have fascinating results. Paint your home exterior black for impact and a look of assured sophistication. Black is risky, so leave this project in the hands of professional painters to make sure you get the right finish. A touch of gloss will make sure your dark walls catch sunlight well.

If you want to paint your house to look unique and elegant, call exterior painters near you. The best exterior painters in Woodstock can give your home a refreshing look with a coat of fascinating color.

Tunecore vs MusicDigi – The Two Best Distribution Services for Musicians

Once upon a time, record labels controlled the whole music landscape. They did the legwork to secure deals with major distribution music companies that delivered albums to the stores. In this digital age, artists have got an opportunity to control the ownership of their songs. Until now labels have helped artists to build their career but in 2020, music can be sold to major platforms like Amazon Music, iTunes, Spotify, Apple Music, Shazam, Pandora, etc. with ease.

Digital music distribution services can help your song gain wide exposure and you can build yourself as an independent artist. As everything is digital, distributing music isn’t expensive. The modern-day distributors offer a platform, where you can upload your music to major stores like Spotify, iTunes, Tidal, Apple Music, etc.

MusicDigi and TuneCore are two popular platforms that can help artists sell music online. Both platforms differ in several ways but are keen to offer their services to any kind of artist.

Pros of MusicDigi over TuneCore

Low subscription fee

MusicDigi charges $39.99 annually to upload a countless number of songs or albums. Alternatively, TuneCore pricing is $29.99 per album in the first year and later increases to $49.99 annually. As the cost is charged per album, your spending can balloon quickly for an entire catalog.

Low charges for selling ringtones

On MusicDigi, you can sell ringtones at $4.95, a one-time fee. Conversely, TuneCore charges $19.99 annually for ringtone sales.

Allows editing

Mistakes can occur when you release a song but MusicDigi allows fixing it. After your song goes live, you can edit them with ease without any extra cost. TuneCore does not offer free editing of a released album. You need to pay for fixing any errors after the release.

Spotify windowing

MusicDigi is the only distributor that offers the ‘Spotify Windowing’ feature for free. It is a special feature where you can get your music on Spotify 2-weeks before the official release date as an exclusive for Spotify’s premium members. You cannot get this special release feature on TuneCore.

Other distinctive features

Besides music distribution, MusicDigi offers artists opportunities to earn revenue from music uploaded on YouTube. Established artists can upload music to iTunes and easily sell their albums.

MusicDigi does not charge for using your label name, UPCs, ISRCs, or removing your music like other distributors. Artists can gain other features like playlist pitching, marketing support, royalty tracking app, and other tools.

Cons of MusicDigi over TuneCore

MusicDigi is a commission-based service and charges 9% from your royalties but TuneCore is a fee-based service where you can keep 100% profits made from streams or sales.

Which is better?

MusicDigi is unlimited, while TuneCore is per-song or album

If you desire to upload 4 albums –

  • TuneCore charges you $119.96 for the first year and $199.96 forever.
  • MusicDigi will charge only $39.99 every year.

MusicDigi is a better deal for uploading multiple singles because members can upload unlimited music without any concerns about paying more. You can say MusicDigi is the BEST music aggregator offering great customer support.