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Advantages Of Opting For Online Computer Repair Services

No one needs to encounter issues with computers. Your desktop is possibly invaluable, even if it’s used for business or personal usage. There are important client files on it, songs that you downloaded, family images, Vendor arrangements, and details on employee payrolls. The trouble of going and having the machine repaired is just adding to the problem.

Why should you opt for Onsite Repair?

If you are looking for Onsite repair services, Lesedi ICT Company may be your best fit. They offer cost-effective, and customized IT Solutions to their customers. The best option to deliver reliable service and expert advice are on-site computer repair services. They’re not anything new, but earlier if anyone got an on-site computer fix for his laptop, it was pricey.

Here are a few reasons why you should opt for this service:

  • Convenience

When you unplug each and everything and take the device to a repair store, you do not need to think about doing more harm. You also escape driving through town, the hassle of searching for parking, and the frustration of standing in line. Computer repair specialists will come to your place, whether it is a company office or a home.

For you, this is more comfortable. You don’t need to take the machine back and forth to a shop just to have it fixed up over and over again. Your laptop is kept exactly where you usually use it.

  • Data Safety

You can watch how the technician handles your device and more importantly your precious information, by having a technician work on your computer on-site. If you were to take your device to a repair shop, on the other hand, you risk slipping out your business details when it is in their hands.

  • Context

Having the machine in its regular surroundings also benefits the specialists. The problem often may not be internal. So, if you gave them the machine, they would not be able to adequately identify the problem.

For example, a damaged misbehaving printer or power board may be responsible for the hiccup. Unless you felt that you might even carry them into the electronics shop, the concern would not be replicable.

Benefits of using this service

  • User tutoring

You will be ensured that the owners of the device will be tutored on basic troubleshooting, correct use of multiple applications, managing data backups, and other critical activities with a computer specialist on hand.

  • Cut Downtime

You will also save time when the device repair technicians come to your house. You obviously can’t think of going without it for a couple of days, even if the machine is necessary only for homework or business services.

This is like the absence of a hand. In only a couple of hours, onsite device maintenance tries to resolve the issue without taking the device with them.


Skilled technical technicians who are specialists in the world of computer science work in on-site repair companies. They give helpful advice and supply your organization with the finest IT solutions.

Tunecore vs MusicDigi – The Two Best Distribution Services for Musicians

Once upon a time, record labels controlled the whole music landscape. They did the legwork to secure deals with major distribution music companies that delivered albums to the stores. In this digital age, artists have got an opportunity to control the ownership of their songs. Until now labels have helped artists to build their career but in 2020, music can be sold to major platforms like Amazon Music, iTunes, Spotify, Apple Music, Shazam, Pandora, etc. with ease.

Digital music distribution services can help your song gain wide exposure and you can build yourself as an independent artist. As everything is digital, distributing music isn’t expensive. The modern-day distributors offer a platform, where you can upload your music to major stores like Spotify, iTunes, Tidal, Apple Music, etc.

MusicDigi and TuneCore are two popular platforms that can help artists sell music online. Both platforms differ in several ways but are keen to offer their services to any kind of artist.

Pros of MusicDigi over TuneCore

Low subscription fee

MusicDigi charges $39.99 annually to upload a countless number of songs or albums. Alternatively, TuneCore pricing is $29.99 per album in the first year and later increases to $49.99 annually. As the cost is charged per album, your spending can balloon quickly for an entire catalog.

Low charges for selling ringtones

On MusicDigi, you can sell ringtones at $4.95, a one-time fee. Conversely, TuneCore charges $19.99 annually for ringtone sales.

Allows editing

Mistakes can occur when you release a song but MusicDigi allows fixing it. After your song goes live, you can edit them with ease without any extra cost. TuneCore does not offer free editing of a released album. You need to pay for fixing any errors after the release.

Spotify windowing

MusicDigi is the only distributor that offers the ‘Spotify Windowing’ feature for free. It is a special feature where you can get your music on Spotify 2-weeks before the official release date as an exclusive for Spotify’s premium members. You cannot get this special release feature on TuneCore.

Other distinctive features

Besides music distribution, MusicDigi offers artists opportunities to earn revenue from music uploaded on YouTube. Established artists can upload music to iTunes and easily sell their albums.

MusicDigi does not charge for using your label name, UPCs, ISRCs, or removing your music like other distributors. Artists can gain other features like playlist pitching, marketing support, royalty tracking app, and other tools.

Cons of MusicDigi over TuneCore

MusicDigi is a commission-based service and charges 9% from your royalties but TuneCore is a fee-based service where you can keep 100% profits made from streams or sales.

Which is better?

MusicDigi is unlimited, while TuneCore is per-song or album

If you desire to upload 4 albums –

  • TuneCore charges you $119.96 for the first year and $199.96 forever.
  • MusicDigi will charge only $39.99 every year.

MusicDigi is a better deal for uploading multiple singles because members can upload unlimited music without any concerns about paying more. You can say MusicDigi is the BEST music aggregator offering great customer support.

Latest Advancements in Solar Technology

For years, traditional photovoltaic (PV) panels have dominated the market. Monocrystalline solar module prices are often asked by homeowners who want a system installed. Today, there are some innovations that may change the way people think aboutnot just the device but also energy production in general. Continue reading to learn more.

Building-Integrated Solar Technology

Building-integrated photovoltaics (BIPV) are dual-purpose. Besides serving their original purpose of generating electrical energy, they can also be an alternative to standard glass materials. This enables homeowners to save both on building resources and utility bills expenses.

As the name suggests, BIPVs seamlessly blend into the house’s architecture in the form of skylights. Glass windows can be replaced with such systems, allowing natural light in while generating energy simultaneously. They also serve as a substitute for traditional roofing materials or the housetop itself. Some manufacturers even offer solar shingles in place of typical slates.

Solar Skin

In the past years, more families are having experts install PV systems into their housetops. But, most of them are put off bythe equipment’s aesthetics. To solve this, a company launched a product that’s meant to blend in, called “Solar Skin.”

Solar Skin is a new photovoltaic technology that integrates custom designs into the panels. It’s similar to the ad wraps displayed on buses and taxicabs. This lets homeowners match the PV system to their lush lawns or shingle roofs. Manufacturers want nothing to be compromised, whether it’s a stylish housetop or a sustainable future.

Floating Solar Farms

According to researchers, PV panels placed on dams, reservoirs, and bodies of water offer many benefits. They call these systems floatovoltaics and were first installed at a winery in Napa Valley in California.

These floating solar farms can generate a big amount of electricity without using valuable real estate. Their installation costs are less than land-based PV panels. Research also showed that their power production is greater by up to 10% because of the cooling effect of liquids. Floatovoltaics reduce evaporation as they limit air circulation and block sunlight from hitting the surface. They prevent algae growth, which lowers treatment expenses.

Solar Fabric

These days, solar power can be generated closer to where it’s needed. This can mean a house with its own system or a clothing item that features PV panels. Experts have collaborated with fashion designers to make sunlight-powered bags and jackets. For them, every person with a mobile phone is a potential client.

For now, they’ve developed flexible PV panels laminated on top of fabrics. They’re currently working on textiles with solar power in every fiber. These filaments will be embedded into shirts, coats, and other clothing to keep people warm during winter and chargetheir phones while they’re on the go.

Photovoltaic technology has come a long way from traditional ground-mounted systems with a monocrystalline solar module. Thanks to all the experts working for a more sustainable and eco-friendly future, solar panels are becoming lighter and more flexible that they can be applicable everywhere.

3 Things You Should Know About Mobile Advertising

This is an advertising strategy which appears on mobile devices like tablets, Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) or smartphones with access to internet connections. The mobile advertising can be through text ads via SMS, a banner advertisement that appears installed on mobile websites, in mobile games or in downloaded mobile applications. There are three essential aspects that you must have knowledge on when you want to carry out mobile advertisements. These three aspects are mobile marketing, affiliate marketing, and mobile traffic.

Mobile marketing involves promotional activities that are intended towards the delivery to cell phones, smart phones and as well as all handheld devices. Mobile marketing involves the use of mobile ads in mobile advertising. In the past, incorporating ads into the mobile phone was just a brilliant idea but nowadays, that idea has been changed into reality. These ads are used both by large and small companies which are still growing. An attractive feature of this mobile ads is that it is a cheap advertising platform with the ability to make a lot of money for businesses. Another method of carrying out mobile marketing is via SMS. SMS marketing is the better form of advertising not only because of its cheap costs but because it carries out high-quality marketing. This is because it covers a wide range of customers due to the fact that it is cheap.

Affiliate marketing is earning a commission through the advertisement of other company’s products i.e. you look for a desirable product, advertise it and earn some money off the sale of any unit of the product you sell. This is how most large business enterprises, as well as some expanding enterprises, get their customers. Relatively, Mobile affiliate marketing is a new idea which came up in marketing and many organizations who used the ordinary affiliate marketing now want to use the outburst of mobile devices as a means through which they can get to their audiences and customers specifically through the multi-purpose mobile phones and cell phones. In order to successfully mobile advertising, you need to have an insight on this affiliate marketing through the mobile devices. This will go a long way to ease the process and bring in lots of clients and customers for your business or service.

In order to have a clear understanding of what mobile traffic is, it is essential to have detailed knowledge of what internet traffic is in general. Internet traffic can be simply defined as the flow of data across the internet i.e. that number visitors who visit a particular website, or the amount of data or that is sent and received by visitors to a particular website. Therefore, mobile traffic is the amount of data that is sent and received by visitors to a particular website through mobile devices. Mobile traffic can be gotten in a number of ways. One of the most used and easy methods to get this traffic is through text messaging. A good proportion of people in the world today have access to mobile phones and can receive text messages. A text on the services rendered or products sold will do the trick. Other methods include through the creation of mobile websites, SMS queries, and SMS Opt-In Lists. You could also give away iPhone applications for free in order to gain more traffic.

Mobile marketing, affiliate marketing, and monetizing mobile traffic as seen above are essential things you must have knowledge on in order to carry out successful mobile advertising. Having knowledge on these aspects is a plus when it comes to advertising using mobile devices.