Action Comedy Movies that are Suspenseful and Action-Funny to See at least Once in Your Life

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While people may enjoy movies from different genres, comedy remains the most universal and beloved genre. Although there are many funny movies that will get you laughing, the majority of comedy films end up being boring due to the lack of clarity in the scripts. A comedy movie needs a strong script. This is in addition to the dialogues, setting and action. But what really matters is the actor’s delivery and expressions. It is true what they say about not all actors being good at comedy roles. Because the screenwriter and actors are the ones who must work hardest to create a good comedy, Even though we know how hard it can be to act in a movie hoping it will make us laugh, the end result is just as boring as a boring romantic romance film.

Here is a list of comedy films that are both entertaining and suspenseful. We hope you enjoy them as much as we did. If you are a comedy fan, these movies might already be available. If not you will appreciate our recommendation and you will be thankful for it.


Doug, who is about to get married, and 3 of his closest friends drive to Las Vegas to host a stag event before Doug’s nuptials. After one wild night, the groomsmen are hungover the next morning. They have no idea what happened and are now unable to recall any of the details. With their heads hazy and their memories fragmented, Doug’s three friends set out to find him to help them get him to his wedding. You will laugh throughout the film. The suspense and comedy are a great combination. The acting, acting, script, as well as the setting are exceptional. There are many parts to the movie that are equally entertaining and fun.

21 Jump Street

21 Jump Street also has an action comedy. The story centers on two high school best friends, Schmidt (and Jenko) who are police officers as they grow up. They become friends and work together to expose the drug ring at their former school. Jenko and Schmidt go undercover to pretend to be students to find the drug’s source. They find it difficult to adapt new ways of learning as students, because the culture of schools has changed. The story is hilariously funny with a mix of comedy and action that makes it entertaining and binge-worthy.

Johnny English

Rowan Atkinson stars as Johnny English. This movie will keep you on the edge of your seat. Johnny English is the first in a series starring spy-action comedians. The story of Pascal Sauvage is the first. He wants to steal crown jewels from the royal family and has killed the country’s top agents. Johnny English is assigned the task of stopping Pascal Sauvage’s destruction. He attempts to catch the criminal while he is in danger. Until he meets Lorna, who helps him complete his mission.

We’re Millers

We’re the Millers is a film that stars Jennifer Aniston (Adam Sandler) and it is considered one of the finest comedies of all-time. David, a dealer in drugs, gets into deep debt to his supplier and is unable to pay his rent while trying desperately to help his neighbor boy. David’s boss wants him to smuggle Mexico drugs to free him from his debt.

David hires an attractive thief and a stripper as his family to go with him on his RV to smuggle the drugs. While trying to smuggle drug, the fake family of 4 encounter many misadventures. The result is a series suspenseful and funny scenes. The film is funny and entertaining.

Horrible Bosses

Horrible bosses is another hilariously humorous movie that has two parts. Kurt and Nick Dale are tired of their bosses being cruel and unfair to them. They want to get rid of them. Three friends hire a hitman and learn how to kill their bosses. While they’re at it, things don’t go as planned. This film has all the comedy actors in one location and is hilarious. The script, dialogues, action, and setting are all great. You will find yourself having a good time with every scene.

If you’re looking for pure comedy and 90 minutes of laugh-out-loud laughter, this movie is it. Horrible bosses can be enjoyed with your friends at the weekend. Watch it this Friday night with your friends. If you don’t have a good TV service in your area for a movie night, we suggest checking satellite TV providers on and getting the service and package that is available in your area.

The Dictator

The Dictator tells the story of Aladeen, an evil dictator in Wadiya State (an oil-rich North African State). Aladeen is advised by his uncle and travels to New York for the United Nations Security Council. It is there that his doppelganger, gets killed. Aladeen does not feel welcomed upon his arrival in New York. He attempts to hide the fact that the Wadiyan exiles are after him. The movie is great comedy with an excellent story line and fantastic acting. This movie combines comedy and Arabic humor in one movie.

These comedies are perfect for comedy fans who like funny, suspenseful films with clever dialogues. They are filled with great stories that make you laugh and keep the suspense going. To get complete laughter therapy, start watching these movies now if they have not been seen.