How to make a career as a nutritionist

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Students who have a science background are increasingly drawn to the career of nutritionist. This has increased the need for nutritionists on the market. In addition to all this, people are more afraid of the coronavirus epidemic and have adopted a healthier lifestyle. So, nutritionists are becoming a popular choice for people looking for healthy tips. Students who want to have a fulfilling career can complete BSc in dietetics and nutrition to be successful Indian nutritionists.

BSc Nutrition & dieetics: A Overview

The Bachelor of Science (Bachelor of Science) in Nutrition and Dietetics program is three-year, with six semesters. The program emphasizes a variety aspects of research in nutritional science. The course integrates both nutrition management research and the importance a healthy life. The program provides knowledge in the principles of nutrition and human anatomy and physiology. It also covers remedial mathematics and biology. The BSc. Nutrition and dietetics courses provide a solid understanding of traditional and alternative foods, health and wellness, as well as life skills and pharmacology.

Students need to begin preparation from 10th grade in order to become a nutritionist. This course is available at several colleges and universities throughout India. A nutritionist’s profession is highly sought after in India. It is therefore important to be proficient in nutrition and dietetics. Dehradun in Uttarakhand offers the opportunity to study the program. It is home to several accredited universities that offer undergraduate programs for nutrition and dietetics.

Eligibility Requirement for BSc.

Students must be at least 50% in their matriculation and intermediate exams in Physics, Chemistry Biology, Biotech or English.

Please note that there is not an entrance exam to apply for the BSc Nutrition & dieetics course. The application form is required. The application will be checked. The shortlisted candidates will be invited for a Personal interview.

Career possibilities after completing BSc Nutrition & dietetics course

After having the right educational and professional skills, students can choose from many career opportunities depending on their interests. Let’s quickly take a look at these jobs.

  1. Dietitian
  2. Quality Control Officer
  3. Health Promotion Officer
  4. Nutritionist
  5. Food Scientist
  6. Public Policy Advocate
  7. Food Services Manager
  8. Culinary Specialist


Many nutritionists would prefer to work in private practice after completing this course. However, they may also be able to help schools, hospitals, airlines and schools. With the coronavirus pandemic, demand for nutritionists is on the rise. People are reaching out to nutritionists to get tips and tricks for better health. With the BSc. Nutrition and Dietetics, your future looks bright. Apply for the program now!