Roller Shutter Problems That Needs Professional Repair

Roller Shutter Problems That Needs Professional Repair

To make your commercial property fully secure, the roller shutters can play a very important role. In homes where there are roller shutters but got damaged then it can always make the space and assets inside vulnerable.

Besides, there are few mechanical aspects associated with roller shutters, which can also sometimes go wrong. The following are a few common problems that may need roller shutter repairs.

  1. Shutter does not open or shut

This is one of the very common problems that can often be seen in the majority of these roller shutters installed in various places. In all such cases, you must check whether the necessary power source is available.

  1. Overheating

If the roller shutter is used on regular use then often it may get heated up, which may be due to various frictional forces. All that you can do in such a situation is give it little rest to cool down.

  1. Shutters are sticking

Often due to lack of proper lubrication, the shutters may get jammed and its movement may not be too smooth. Make sure that you use the recommended lubrication regularly to avoid this problem.

  1. Shutters shutting halfway

The movement of roller shutters is controlled by using a few proximity sensors. Often these sensors get dirty due to lack of maintenance and cleaning and the sensitivity of sensors gets disturbed. Often sensor positions may also get disturbed.

  1. Shutter condition

If the roller shutter is mishandled or hit by any heavy object or vehicle, then its condition may get worse. Service personnel may be called to assess the damage and get it properly repaired.

Necessary precautions also must be taken so that shutters may not get hit by any heavy object.

  1. Difficult to lock

Often the lock of the roller shutter needs repair as it fails to operate properly due to many different reasons. This may also happen if someone attempts to commit burglary in the premise.

  1. Leaks or gusts

From various outdoor elements, aluminum roller shutters can offer a complete defense. It can keep protected against even high wind and heavy storms.

However, if you notice any sign of puddles or even accumulated water, gusts of wind or regular dripping of cold drought then you will possibly like to get your shutter properly examined and fixed by professionals.

Though unlike many other issues, this does not indicate any sign of a mechanical problem, the panels must have got damaged that need repair.

  1. Wearing out

Often due to regularly opening and closing the shutter, due to high friction, certain parts may wear out. Many of the handles may get loosened or various nuts and bolts can also become loose.

Even the cables may also wear out in due course of time.

  1. Damaged due to burglary attempt

If repeated burglary attempt has been made then there can be many different kinds of damages that can take place. This may also be due to the use of a certain crude weapon by the burglar.

You need to call the repair professionals for any major repairing of these roller shutters.

Unknown Things A Speech Therapist Can Help to Resolve

Speech therapy is assumed to help kids with autism or with a lisp. After brain injury or stroke, speech therapy helps communication rehabilitation. Can adults with no speech disorder benefit from speech therapy?

A speech therapist is specialized in understanding all kinds of communication components. They are well-trained to identify the way people think and process language to how their voice and speech sounds. They get educated in communication psychology and speech & voice production physiology. Therefore, speech therapy is competent to help anyone turn into a strong communicator.

Several unknown things a speech therapist can help people who are not disordered in becoming a strong communicator. In Sydney, you can visit Eastside Speech Solutions and have your pronunciation, expression issues, language disorders, or difficulty in writing & reading improved.

How to be heard in a noisy environment?

You may be asked to repeat a sentence a few times in a noisy café or bar. People complain of feeling tight or lose their voice in a specific environment. A speech therapist helps you optimize the effectiveness of your voice and speech by saying what and when you desire. Moreover, you get to understand the physics and functioning of sound production. Make some changes according to the ambiance in which you wish to communicate.


The mumbling speech pattern is a result of less effort in talking. It is predominant in the morning before you enjoy a cup of coffee [caffeine]. It can be due to –

  • Reduced volume & air pressure
  • Imprecise or light consonant productions
  • Speaking too fast

In any kind of situation, a speech therapist works with your individual speech production and become more articulate while speaking.

Anxiety meeting strangers

It is common to feel nervous when you have to meet new people or strangers. This anxiety constrains them in giving their views at work. They cannot communicate during a conflict, make new friends or develop current relationships. Speech therapy can help them avert this anxiety because it is related to your communication. The therapist makes them understand that it is necessary to fulfill the daily communication demands to be successful in life.

Improve professional communication skills

The job market is extremely competitive, so every job-seeker has to enhance their communication skills essential to surpass the interview. Professionals also need good communication skills to reveal their abilities and leadership skills in the workplace.

You can have a small talk session with the speech therapist including brief communiqué, voice quality, non-verbal communication, expression, topic management, communicating in conflict, and dialogues about the first impression.

Enhance speaking voice quality

The average speaker does not find these necessary but professional voice users gain a lot from discussing how to effectively use speaking voice. Singers, radio hosts, actors, teachers, etc. are professional voice user, who depends on their voices to earn a living.

If the voiced demand is above average, it can be damaging. A trained speech specialist trains the professional voice user to speak efficiently without pressurizing their sound system.

Stuttering adults are helped to manage their triggers and thus control their speech. Thus, they can avoid a stutter from negatively influencing their social or work life. Contact professional therapists at Eastside Speech!

How Bitcoin Differs From Fiat Currencies?

Bitcoin [BTC] is a digital currency generated and held electronically. They are not printed like euros and dollars, but created by worldwide computers, using open-source software. It falls under a growing asset class called cryptocurrencies. It can be used for online purchases when both parties involved are willing. It is the same as the traditional euros and dollars, which can be digitally traded.

How does BTC differ from fiat currencies?


The Bitcoin network is not controlled by any regulatory body. Volunteer coders group maintains the open dedicated computer network spread worldwide. People, who desire to bypass their money transfers from government or bank institutions, get attracted to BTC. Banks makes adjustments to the ledgers when payments are made or received via online transactions. In BTC, transaction integrity gets maintained because no-one owns the open network.

Limited supply

Dollars, yen, euros and other fiat currencies have unlimited supply because the central bank has the authority to issue as many as are required to manipulate currency value related to one another. Currency holders have to bear the cost.

Alternatively, the bitcoin supply is controlled tightly by its original algorithm. Every hour a tiny amount of BTC trickle and continues to do so but at a reducing rate until it reaches 21 million maximum. Therefore, in theory, BTC is an appealing asset. With the growth in demand and supply remaining the same, its price will increase. It is time to buy BitCoins!

Pseudonymity [Disguised Identity]

Senders of traditional online payments get identified but theoretically, bitcoin users operate partly anonymous. There is no validator medium, so users do not need to verify while transferring BTC to another user. The user makes a request and the system checks every previous transaction to identify if the sender has necessary bitcoins and authority to transfer to another user. There is no need for her or his identity.

Each user’s identification is based on his/her wallet address. Law enforcement has a specific technique to identify bitcoin users if needed. The network is transparent, so the development of a specific transaction is perceptible to everyone. Therefore not a perfect option for money-launderers and terrorists.

Immutability [cannot be changed]

Unlike fiat currency transactions, Bitcoin transactions are irreversible. It is because BTC is not centralized. There is no central arbitrator that can agree to refund the funds. A BTC transaction recorded on the blockchain network cannot be modified. It even means no-one can tamper the bitcoin network.


Bitcoin’s smallest unit is called ‘Satoshi’. 1 Satoshi is equal to 0.00000001 bitcoin. 1 US cent is equal to 9419 Satoshi. Thus micro-transactions are possible with BTC but are impossible with traditional fiat currencies.

Bitcoins can be purchased on exchanges or directly from other people. Payments can be made in hard cash or wire transfers or credit/debit cards. To store bitcoins there will be a need for a wallet. It can be an offline, desktop, or online wallet. Make sure that you remember your wallet keys and password safely. If you lose them, then your stored bitcoin gets lost.

If necessary, bitcoins can be sold directly to family or friends or some interested buyers online. Be wise and avoid meeting strangers for exchange of BTC in person!

How to Maintain A Clean Fish Tank? Tips to Beginners

Proper cycling is the most difficult part of setting a fish tank. Once cycling process gets complete you can include fishes in the tank and then start with the maintenance work. It is easy to maintain a fish tank if the cycling is proper.

If you want to know about the 30 gallon fish tank maintenance and cleaning, then you must visit the Fish Tank Focus website. They provide reviews of different type fish tanks, filters, and products that help to choose a right one. Also, they offer views, opinions, experiences, and more to maintain a safe fish tank.

A hygienic tank with colorful and healthy fishes gives a relaxing, fun, and pleasant experience to anyone. The following are few tips that help you in maintaining a clean fish tank.

Schedule determination

Every tank will have its own features, so you need to follow a schedule depending on the following factors. They include:

Size of tank – It is one of the main factors to consider; usually a smaller fish tank requires more maintenance compared to a larger one, because large tank contains more water. With this, the chemicals, wastage excreted by fishes, and others will be dispersed.

Placement of tank – The place and reason for setting a tank is crucial for a proper maintenance. In case the area you choose to install a tank is difficult to get, then there is no need to clean it daily.

Filtration method – A better filtration system not only helps to keep your tank clean but also helps to maintain a healthy environment as well. Most of the people will make use of biological filtration that allows the growth of good bacteria.

A mechanical filter contains a box that fits in the tank and some media will be used to filter the waste particles. Chemical media like chemical resins or carbon will be used to absorb the wastage and others.

Plus, excessive feeding and number of fishes in the tank will also make a difference in the tank maintenance and cleaning.


Like other pets, fish also need daily care. Even though, they will not have same requirement level, they need a consistent level caring.

Feeding – Provide the right amount of food what they eat daily.

Water temperature – Generally, temperature changes in a day so look at the water temperature and adjust it accordingly.

Check equipment – Check whether filter, lights, and heater are in good working condition or not.

Check behavior – Watch your fishes for few minutes to see they are doing activities normally and check their skin regularly.

Also, check plants and remove dead leaves, change water, clean algae and glass once in a week. Although, cleaning a fish tank is not a fun giving experience, but it is necessary to maintain a healthy and clean environment for the long life of your fishes.

Choosing a right fish tank depending on your environment and needs help to maintain it healthy and clean. So, choose the best tank and place your order today.

Cool Office Costume Ideas to Know for Marketing Nerds and Tech Geeks

These days, you can enjoy fun Halloween costumes at your office with some office costume ideas. Halloween can be very busy for your business or at your work so you might not get enough time to slay in your favorite costumes. You can look for some office costume ideas for Halloween that you can wear and lighten up your festival. This post will help you with some amazing costume ideas that you can follow to enjoy Halloween at your work place.

These days, you can find best costumes without much efforts. You can browse online to find costumes. Look for top-rated websites that sell amazing funny costumes for Halloween. You can read reviews online to know more about the quality of costumes. You can sneak into the clearance sale and get the best costumes at affordable price.

You can arrange a costume party at office and bring a smile on everyone’s face at your workplace. This will make your colleagues happy and make their day. You can shop for the best funny costumes for the costume party. Marketing Nerds and Tech Geeks can be important if you run an active business. With some interesting costume ideas, you can create your own style statement at office.

Top Things to Know

  • Food can be your new costume. You can use food items for costume party. You can simply roam around with interesting food items in a plate and you can turn yourself into a social media application. This sounds quite interesting.
  • Imagine yourself being wrapped in black clothes from top to bottom. This must have reminded you of Ninja. You can use the black clothes and mask and use some unique words and tape it on your costume. You are ready. Imagine yourself getting popular on Linked in as Ninja.
  • We all are familiar of the white space which means blank space but when it comes to Halloween costumes it means dress in white. Dress yourself in white and paint your face with white color and you are ready for the party.
  • Letter taped dresses can be your style for the office Halloween costume event. You can tape the words that describe the Halloween event on your dress and you are ready with an amazing DIY costume.
  • Social websites are very popular these days and are an important aspect for tech geeks. You can try the costumes or makeup that are posted on the social media websites. You can use different coding ideas like code not found, error 404 or can’t reach website. These would show your technical side and will be an easy costume idea this Halloween.
  • You will easily find costumes that are related to the tech geeks. There are many innovations and ideas that you can use to create amazing costume for you this Halloween. You just have to pay attention around you and gather some amazing ideas.

These are some cool costume ideas for this Halloween that you can try for a fulfilled day.

Do You Know the Facts Behind the Prisms in Chandelier?

If you want to get a glamorous lighting for your home, then certainly crystal chandelier will be one of the best options available. What makes this chandelier light so special? Read it in this small article.

If you take an example of a 3 ring chandelier, then all the accessories that are fitted with the chandelier lighting can be of your choice. You may demand many different varieties of crystals or few other fixtures to offer more attractive features in your lighting fixture.

All the beauty that you can see in this chandelier lighting fixture is because of the presence of the following few things:

  • Prisms
  • Crystal drops
  • Spears

Here, we shall especially talk about the prisms that can make a special kind of effect on your quality of lightings that you can see in the chandelier lighting.

Let us try to understand what is a prism? Prisms are in fact an element in this lighting fixture that has the ability to disperse the light at certain angle which is decided by the type of the prism.

As a result of this dispersion of the light, due to this prism, you can see various different colors appearing from the lights. Perhaps many people must be thinking that these prisms are made out of crystals, but it is not true.

These prisms are in fact, glass piece which has been cut at an angle and also are treated with a chemical called lead oxide. The quality of the light dispersed by the prism will depend largely upon how much lead oxide treatment has been provided on the glass.

More the amount of lead oxide treatment on these prisms, the quality of their light will also be much better in the same proportion.

What will make these chandelier prisms much special is that, they will not only reflect and also increase the light intensity but also it will break up all the light beams in the form of beautiful rainbow colors.

These chandelier prisms are available in many different shapes and sizes as per the design of chandelier lights. Their shapes can also be either shape of triangle, circular bead, polyhedrons or large teardrops.

Due to the presence of these prisms inside the chandelier lights, you can see the beautiful lights and can produce an elegant effect inside your home.

There is another misconception that these chandelier prisms are produced out of very expensive cut glasses. However, the fact is that they are made from ordinary glasses only and they have been just given an ornamental shape.

You will get chandeliers having prisms that can create colorful rainbows in your kitchen or foyer.

Perhaps one of the best things about chandelier prisms can be that they need very little amount of maintenance. All that is needed is regular dusting to keep them neat and clean.

In case they get too dirty then, you may wash them by using diluted vinegar or use lemon juice to clean them. That will be sufficient to provide you bright lighting in your home.

Common Driving Errors New Drivers Can Avoid

A new driver who has the valuable driving license offers him freedom to drive across kilometers to enjoy the spectacular countryside. Remember that you are still new to driving and can come across many strange scenarios unexpectedly. Obviously, you can learn from mistakes but in case of driving the consequences may be bad or worse if you are a bit careless.

New drivers, especially teenagers are thrilled behind the wheels and neglect safety rules divulged during driving lessons MelbourneThe instructors from Trent Driving School Melbourne help candidates to build their confidence as well as driving skills. You are even told to avoid common driving errors and drive safely.

Not keeping a safe distance

Safe distance rule is to keep minimal 2 to 3 car space distance [10 meters] from a vehicle in front. In case, you are on the city roads, safe distance has to be 5 to 7 car space gap [15 meters]. Driving on a slippery road or bad weather you need to maintain 9 to 10 car space distance [20 meters]. At the start, this distance seems a lot but is necessary because if the vehicle in front gets into collision or loses control, you get sufficient time to avoid it.

Forget to use the turn signals

At a turn or reverse-turn or merge, turn signals need to be used to let the car drivers behind you know your intention. The other drivers give you space, so you can turn or reverse. There are some drivers, who neglect your turn signals and don’t allow you to merge. Don’t take such actions personally or challenge them. It can be dangerous! Let them pass and then merge or turn safely.

Monitor your driving speed

Modern cars are comfortable and equipped with anti-lock brakes along with electronic stability programs of a kind including anti-skid systems and traction control. Developing the ability to judge your speed takes time.

If you go very fast around a corner, there won’t be any help from electronic intervention or capability to give tires extra grip in certain scenarios. Even road conditions need to be considered while going fast. As a new driver, it is wise to go slowly and steadily to survive bad incidents. In some specific zones like colleges, schools, and hospitals, slow down or it can cause legal problems.

Not adjusting or cleaning screen viewers

New or experienced drivers need to ensure that all viewing mirrors are cleaned and adjusted properly. It is necessary to get an idea of how far or head-to-head other cars are from your vehicle. Unclean or not adjusted screen viewers can lead to wrong proximity, which increases the risk of an accident.

Ignoring to check blind spots

Before you move, ensure there is no other car in the blind spot. Checking blind spot is a thing new driver fail to consider.

Driving distracted

Anything which takes your eyes away from the road is termed as a distraction. It can include checking speedometer, kids in the backseat, road signs, pedestrians, mobile phone, or any other interesting object. Your attention gets robbed and this makes you less efficient in controlling the vehicle. You may possibly not see the car in front brake or you failed to take a turn.

New drivers have less experience in reading the road, lack of skills to maintain your car efficiently, and overconfidence. All this contributes to major or minor driving mistakes that can be avoided by driving cautiously and adhering to safety rules.

How to Pick the Right Tires

Your BMW’s tires take a beating everyday when you’re on the road. Even if you regularly maintain them and you have a BMW tire and wheel protection warranty, they can only handle so much. They’ll eventually wear out. And, once they do, make sure to get the right ones.

With the wide range of brands and models available, walking into a tire showroom can be overwhelming. To make your selection process easier and much faster, here are some things that you should look for.


When you live in a place that doesn’t have many paved roads, it’s best to get tires with a more aggressive tread design. This gives your car a better grip on the soil. But, this won’t do any good when you’re always driving on highways since they’ll be noisy. For those living in the city, pick the touring variants. They’re made to provide a quieter ride on asphalt and cement.


The traction rating lets you know how good the tire’s rubber compound generates grip on wet pavement. They include AA, A, B, and C. The first one gives the greatest performance. It’s best to buy the top of the line if you’re always driving on slippery roads.

That said, if you’re trying to cut costs, you can always drop down to A. And, if you rarely encounter snow and heavy rain while cruising through the streets, going with B and C ratings will still do great.

Tread Wear

The tire’s tread wear rating will give you an idea of how long they’ll last. Don’t use this when you’re comparing different brands. Take note that manufacturers apply varying formulas to compute this rating.

Having quality tires won’t just look good on your vehicle, but it can also help in so many ways. They can contribute to your safety, increased fuel economy, and precise handling and stopping in different conditions. All of these give you better comfort during your entire ride.

Aside from the quality of your tire, you should always remember to take care of them as well. This makes sure that they’ll last for a long time. As a result, you’ll get your money’s worth. You can also get a BMW tire and wheel warranty, so you won’t have to spend a lot more when they’re damaged.

Tips for Planning the Perfect Spring Wedding

Spring can be a great time for weddings. With the romance of nature and new beginnings, it can be one of the best to say “I do”.


One of the first elements you need to be thinking about is the natural one. Spring can be unpredictable when it comes to weather and a location that boasted warm days and sunny rays can have cold and rainy outlooks in just a matter of hours. So work with your venue and make sure they have a rain or weather contingency plan. This way, if the elements decide to be uncooperative you can still have a great event.

Spring showers bring the flowers, but they can also bring flat hair and wet clothes, so keep some umbrellas handy and ponchos nearby as the wedding party or guests travel between destinations. If you plan to take pictures outside and it is chilly, you can find coordinating shawls or bolero jackets for the bridesmaids. Pairing light pastels or lace with floral printed bridesmaid dresses by Jenny Yoo makes the perfect pairing for a spring party.


A very important detail to get right when it comes to a spring wedding is the date. There are several holidays in the early months of the year like Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, and Easter. So plan ahead and plan accordingly.

Embrace the charm and elegance of spring in the details. Floral themed invitations, a stone path, an outdoor gazebo trimmed with delicate blooms, a tea party themed reception, etc, there are so many ways you can celebrate the best of the season and make your big day even more memorable.


When it comes to the design scheme and color palette, work to the strengths of spring. This means pastels, floral prints, and light colored hues. Baby blues, soft creams, white, pastel pinks, light yellows, and olive greens are all great choices. Lilacs and lighter shades of purple are excellent as well. Take a cue from the colors that are currently being highlighted in nature, and use them for inspiration.

Fresh flowers and wild flowers make charming bouquets and centerpieces. It may be a good idea to limit fresh flowers if you are going to be indoors due to many people’s seasonal allergies. But if you are out in the open, the fresher the flowers the better. You can carry the floral theme by incorporating it into your Jenny Yoo bridesmaid dresses, bridal gown, groomsmen boutonnieres, and more. If you want to mix up your prints then gingham, seersucker, and basket weave are some other great choices for a spring wedding.

Hamstring Strain Exercises

Here are a few examples of exercise for you to attempt. The exercises might be recommended for a condition or for recovery. Start each activity gradually. Stop the activities if you begin to have pain. You will be learn about when to begin these activities and which ones will work best for you. I will explain each exercise in detail with a step by step guidance to help you get some relief from hamstring strain pain. Let check out how to heal a hamstring strain.

Step by step instructions to do the activities

Please go through the following step by step guide to get relief from hamstring strain:

Hamstring set (heel burrow)

You should sit with your affected leg bowed down. Your great leg ought to be straight and bolstered on the floor. Start right away. Fix the muscles on the rear of your twisted leg (hamstring) by squeezing your heel into the floor. Hold for around 6 seconds, and afterward rest for as long as 10 seconds. Rehash 8 to multiple times.

Hamstring twist

Lie on your stomach with your knees straight. Spot a cushion under your stomach. If your kneecap is awkward, move up a face material and put it under your leg simply over your kneecap. Lift the foot of your affected leg by twisting your knee with the goal that you bring your foot up toward your butt cheek. In case this movement harms, attempt it without twisting your knee very as far. This may assist you with keeping away from any difficult movement. Gradually move your advantage and down. Rehash 8 to multiple times. Keep doing that until you are relieved of the pain. At the point when you can do this activity effortlessly and no torment, include some obstruction. To do this:

  • Tie the parts of the bargains gather as one to shape a circle. Connect one finish of the circle to a protected object or close an entryway on it to hold it set up. (Or on the other hand you can have somebody hold one finish of the circle to give obstruction.)
  • Circle the opposite finish of the activity band around the lower some portion of your affected leg.
  • Rehash stages 1 through 4, gradually pulling back on the activity band with your leg.
  • Stand confronting a wall with your hands on the walls at about chest level.
  • Keeping the knee of your affected leg straight, kick that leg straight back behind you.
  • Unwind, and lower your leg back to the starting position. Repeat 8 time to multiple times.

At the point when you can do this activity easily and no agony, include some opposition. To do this:

  • Tie the parts of the bargains gather as one to shape a circle. Join one point of the circle to asecure object or close an entryway on it to hold it set up. (Or on the other hand you can have somebody hold one finish of the circle to give obst)
  • Loop through the opposite end of the exercise band around the lower some portion of your affected leg.
  • Repeatstages 1 through 4, gradually pulling back on the activity band with your leg.

Hamstring wall stretch

  • Lie on your in a doorway, with your great leg through the open entryway.
  • Slide your affected leg up along the wall to fix your knee. You should feel a delicate stretch down the rear of your leg.
  • Try not to curve your back or you may experience pain.
  • Try not to twist either kneeor you may experience pain.
  • Keep one heel contacting the floor and the other heel contacting the wall. Try not to point your toes.
  • Hold the stretch for at any rate 1 moment to start. At that point attempt to protract the time you hold the stretch to up to 6 minutes. Repeat 2 to multiple times.

In the event that you don’t have a spot to do this activity in an entryway, there is another approach to do it:

  • Lie on your back, and curve the knee of your affected leg.
  • Roll up a towel under the ball and toes of that foot, and grasp the parts of the bargains.
  • Fix your knee, and gradually pull back on the towel. You should feel a delicate stretch down the rear of your leg.
  • Hold the stretch for 15 to 30 seconds. Or then again far superior, hold the stretch for 1 moment on the off chance that you can.
  • Repeat 2 to multiple times.

Calf stretch

  • Stand confronting a wall with your hands on the divider at about eye level. Put your affected leg about a stage behind your other leg. Try repeating a few times.
  • Keeping your back leg straight and your back heel on the floor, twist your front knee and tenderly bring your hip and chest toward the divider until you feel a stretch in the calf of your back leg.
  • Hold the stretch for 15 to 30 seconds.
  • Rehash 2 to multiple times.
  • Rehash stages 1 through 4, yet this time keep your back knee twisted.

Single-leg balance

Remain on a level surface with your arms loosened up to your sides like you are making the letter “T.” Then lift your great leg off the floor, twisting it at the knee. In the event that you are not relentless on your feet, utilize one hand to clutch a seat, counter, or divider. Remaining on your affected leg, keep that knee straight. Attempt to adjust on that leg for as long as 30 seconds. At that point rest for as long as 10 seconds. Rehash 6 to multiple times. At the point when you can adjust on your affected leg for 30 seconds with your eyes open, attempt to offset on it with your eyes shut.

At the point when you can do this activity with your eyes shut for 30 seconds and effortlessly and no agony, give standing a shot a pad or bit of froth, and rehash stages 1 through 4.